Sunday, June 5, 2011

Ethan at his 5th & 6th grade track meet.  Four elementary schools all competed against each other (amidst tons of screaming and cheering:).  Lots of fun and Ethan did very well!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Spenser earned his Wolf badge! 
He really worked hard and sure loves being a cub scout:).

Aspen seems to be a bottomless pit, and she was especially hungry this day.  Each plate or bowl represents what usually would be a full serving of lunch for her.  Six meals & one banana later: finally full:)!
Bryant: Sound of Music series #3:)
Spenser: Sound of Music series #2
Aspen: Sound of Music series #1
Beautiful park up north, and lots of waiting time for yet another soccer game.  I'm calling this my Sound of Music series:).
Although not as bad as the infamous Day of Mud, this shows yet another parenting misjudgement.  I could never figure out why mom would never let us do this as kids...
The cups from my primary lesson on the restoration were a big hit at home.  It looks inevitable, but amazingly Bryant didn't knock these over:).
Happy with their baskets...or are they?  Poor Ethan:)  He comforted himself on the way home with the fact that he'd helped Aspen find most of her eggs.

Found the Easter Bunny!  We did the traditional hunt a little differently this year.  While Philip & I took the two little ones on a hunt through the neighborhood--following Yoyo's trusty nose, Ethan and Spenser "tracked" the Easter Bunny from our house, (where they'd heard him upstairs in the fridge getting our eggs) up the street to the park--the only non-muddy place around these days.  In the picture they'd just come racing up the trail to meet us and tell us the news.  I love how Bryant looks confused:).